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An editor's guide to dressing for a future without lockdowns

12 Jul '21

A new wave of fashion insiders reside in London, and social media editor Mona Tehrani is part of this young coterie, redefining personal style.


Shriya Zamindar

Amidst the fashion set doing the rounds at fashion week are some fresh faces who’re creating their own space in London’s competitive scene. Part of this crowd and reinventing style for the millennials is social media editor of The Face magazine, Mona Tehrani.

“I was obsessed with curating looks for every occasion and would always make lists of outfits I was going to wear, whether it was for back-to-school or a holiday,” remembers the social media expert. “But that might have been more of a stationary obsession than a fashion one, who knows really,” she muses. A recent discussion with her mother brought back these memories to the 27-year-old.

Born in Hamburg, Germany, the German-Iranian lady made her space in the industry starting with working at titles like Elle and InStyle in the capacity of a stylist and freelance writer. Style, she says, has nothing to do with fashion. The clothes she chooses to wear expresses her personality and informs her identity. “I always ask myself: Would I want to run into my ex in this outfit or would it make me feel uncomfortable,” questions Tehrani, “that’s it.” That is her ultimate styling rule. “And that doesn’t mean always being dressed to the nines, it just means sticking to what makes you feel like yourself,” she clarifies.

Experimenting is key

She’s guilty of the same fashion crimes we all are– growing up with the quintessential angsty teenage phases. Although hers had more variety than your average garden-variety emo girl. “I experimented with fashion a lot when I was younger and went through a few phases – or eras like I’m bloody Taylor Swift,” she says. “There was boho me, y2k me and glam rock me. I had a Serena and a Blair phase too– including the headband,” she says.

After hopping from Paris to Rome, city to city, the Central Saint Martins’ graduate is now settled in London. Her sister thinks she used to look “more Paris”, and now looks “more London,” “whatever that means,” says Tehrani, confused.

"I was obsessed with curating looks for every occasion and would always make lists of outfits I was going to wear, whether it was for back-to-school or a holiday"

On finding inspiration

Timeless pieces and a neutral colour palette are the key ingredients to nailing the basics, she says. Tehrani places her aesthetic as French girl chic, mentioning style icons like Camille Charriere and Caroline de Maigret as her inspiration. “My life aspiration is to age like a French woman (preferably in France). I just love that effortlessly cool vibe,” she says, adding that it oscillates between that and a “Hailey Bieber fit”. Tehrani further says, “Lately, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with American singer Cher and anything Bob Mackie she’s ever worn.”

Stay-at-home style

Did Tehrani spend her lockdown in pyjamas as well? She answers in the affirmative. “I never used to wear leggings except at home or to the gym.” But during the lockdown it was “leggings and a crop top,” she admits. She did not touch her jeans for a month. “I adopted an outfit formula that was comfortable while working from my bed, but could also be transitioned for my trips to the outside world,” Tehrani explains. Like the rest of the fashion coterie, she too indulged in tasteful loungewear, calling it a “brief phase”. “I couldn’t just have one, I needed to fashion my entire persona around them (loungewear sets). I was all about that lockdown style and it was an excuse to invest in cute loungewear.”

The post-lockdown treatment

Post lockdown, she religiously walks 10,000 steps every day, which means wearing comfortable shoes to carry out her goal. “At the same time I cannot wait to be able to dress up and go out again,” says Tehrani, clearly excited about the end of lockdown in London mid-June. “I guess this lockdown has made me develop a split personality,” she muses.

Mona's current favourite labels:

Left: "Magda Butrym is great for interesting going-out pieces." Centre: "I love almost anything Orseund Iris. They have the best basics with interesting twists that you can wear different ways." Right: "In terms of high-end brands, my all-time favourite is The Row. It's just so timeless and effortlessly chic."


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