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Pallavi Mehra
SHROFFLEóN's architects Kayzad Shroff and Maria Leon were approached to refurbish a 5,000-square-foot duplex in Peddar Road, Mumbai. Spread over two floors, the lower level houses the social areas alongside a home gym, spa, and massage room. The primary suite and three other bedrooms occupy the upper level.

“The clients shared the programme. How to distribute it was left completely to the architects. In terms of the overall aesthetic, restrained luxury was the intention. Also, while the overall language was maintained, they did wish for each area to have its own unique character,” mentions Shroff.

​​SHROFFLEóN, a Mumbai-based architecture, landscape and interior design studio, conceptualises spaces that are path-breaking and blur the boundaries of art, architecture and design.

“The project as a whole showcases our design style. As a practice, we enjoy the process of making things. The construction of every aspect is taken not as a limitation but as an opportunity for design. Joinery or changes in materiality are taken and expressed as a part of the design. ​​For example, the staircase of this duplex was an element where substantial design consideration was put into. As the cut-out was as is, we had to work a staircase within it, keeping in mind the structural limitations of a fragile building. As such, the bottom part of the staircase is clad in marble, with the mid-landing and above made out of a folded metal plate painted black with brass studs for grip. Another collaboration within this project was with Scarlet Splendor to create bespoke brass textured panels that were placed across the home,” adds Kayzad.

Embracing a calm, muted colour palette comprising grey and beige shades with gold accents, the apartment features captivating artworks and bespoke furniture from renowned Indian and international brands, including names like Lee Broom, Giopatto and Coombes, Ingo Maurer, and Vincenzo de Cotiis.

According to the architects, the epitome of luxury is when customisation aligns with the client's aspirations. For instance, several customised pieces grace the residence, such as a swivelling bar that bridges a fluid connection between two rooms, while an artwork finds its expression through marble inlay flooring.

The chief material palette of white Lasa marble and light Bolivar veneer runs throughout the apartment. Each room, with its unique essence, introduces additional materials bestowing each space with its distinct identity. In the living and dining area, textured aged brass intertwines with a feature onyx, while the bedrooms bring in an element of warmth with light wooden flooring.

“The flooring in the living room was an element where we collaborated with Visakh Menon, an artist from New York City. For this project, he custom-designed an artwork that we translated into marble inlay using close to 15 different types of marble, onyxes, and semi-precious stones. The engineering of this, to ensure that the right size of stone was used, was one of the most challenging aspects of the project," remarks Shroff.

The construction of every aspect is taken not as a limitation but as an opportunity for design

"In terms of the overall aesthetic, restrained luxury was the intention"

Filled with abundant natural light, the living and dining areas are thoughtfully decorated. The infusion of colourful sofas in the living room weaves a dramatic visual tapestry. With a seamless transition, the living area unfolds into the dining, a perfect space for hosting gatherings. Noteworthy highlights of these rooms include the inlay-patterned flooring, a strategically placed cabinet serving as both a wall and a bar, and a limited-edition dining table crafted by the renowned Vincenzo De Cotiis, fashioned from molten metal and Murano glass.

The bedrooms are simple and elegant. Decorated with contemporary furnishings, the primary suite is comfortable and luxurious, with a 400-square-foot walk-in closet as the main attraction.

Exhibiting soft tones, delightful details, and a contemporary aesthetic, this character-filled apartment is a tastefully stylish and functional abode.

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