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The painting school in Tuscany offering the perfect escape

02 Nov '21

Does a Tuscan painting retreat as your next holiday destination catch your fancy? It sure does ours. Here’s why the Arniano Painting School, located half an hour away from Siena, is the perfect vacation destination if you’re looking to escape the city in search for something more peaceful yet off-beat.


Shriya Zamindar

With life beginning to go back to normal, it is possible that we might all go on a revenge-spending spree with a luxury holiday soon. So the most prudent thing to do is to spend it on something worth it. And thus, this artist’s retreat provides a respite from the monotonous schedule of working from home, and a quiet corner away from popularly visited vacation spots.

If Tuscany does not conjure the most dreamiest of European greenscapes in your head then your vacation research is evidently incomplete. This Italian region is famed for its natural beauty and the delicacies that stem from it. Although this particular curated holiday experience may not be entirely suited for honeymooners looking for a romantic getaway, it is ideal for people suffering from pandemic-exhaustion. Take a gander into the unrestrained greenery at this rustic 18th century vintage farmhouse half an hour ride away from Sienna that reinvents the definition of a luxury holiday. Here is a breakdown of why your vacation plans should include the singular experience of attending the Arniano Painting School.

The ultimate 2021 vacation spot

Arniano as your next holiday destination works out perfectly if you’re looking to limit contact with people. Instead of repeating the typical–and simply quite exhaustingly overdone destinations– like Bali, Amalfi, Mykonos and so on, you can choose to have similar experiences in subtler regions. In a survey conducted by travel website, 54% of global travellers would prefer to swap heavily populated tourist spots for a lesser-known but equally attractive destination. It supports the development of local businesses in the said area and also ensures a degree of safety from coming in contact with a large number of people.

Stepping away from the practical reasons why the painting school is a good bet, just have a look at the outstanding 18th-century structure in the Tuscan landscape that could be your home for a week. Located half an hour away from the city of Sienna, surrounded by nature, the rustic farmhouse oversees a sprawling green landscape where you can prop your easel and start painting. The exterior beauty compliments the warmth of the bohemian interiors that were brought into existence by interior designer Camilla Guinness. Her aesthetics have contributed to the family home-turned-holiday destination run by her daughter Amber and UK-raised artist William Roper-Curzon. The retreat has also recently started running the programme parallely at William’s family home, a sprawling vintage mansion situated in the English countryside, amidst acres of manicured lawns.

The highlights of your experiential holiday

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in a culturally vibrant experience, start with the food! The painting school offers a wholesome spread with locally sourced ingredients whipped up into delicious meals in-house, under the trained eye of chef Amber, whose many skills include a mastery of the Tuscan cuisine that she has grown up with.

A hearty meal at the Guinness table is certainly Instagram worthy, but there’s more to make part of your memories. Waking up to an aesthetically pleasing, colourful bedroom accentuated by the wooden furniture and vintage tiled flooring is a refreshing treat. Also kept intact are the wooden beams and the high wooden ceilings that reflect the building’s heritage. To really take in the scenic landscapes of Tuscany, artist and co-partner William inspires guests to explore nature on canvas with paints. This is not only an enriching and wholesome way of vacationing, but is also perfect for restoring the spirit.

A day at Arniano

If you decide to visit this luxurious five-bedroom property, you will be among a select few who will experience a week-long odyssey. The morning starts with a communal breakfast after which you can expect your introductory art lesson with William, which continues over lunch and into the afternoon. The evening commences with conversations with fellow guests and the hosts, over cocktails and dinner. The schedule is entirely optional so in case you’d prefer spending the day in bed or exploring the countryside, you’re most welcome to.

The essential takeaway of this themed holiday experience is to re-energise the waning spirit from all the trials of the past year and a half. Whether your interests lean towards exploring the expertly curated cuisine, art, or the interiors, Arniano holds a promise to be a refreshing experience that stands out from the commonly chosen luxury resort route.


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