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ZIIP: The nanocurrent device you need for that instant glow

29 Jul '21

A cult skincare favourite, the ZIIP nanocurrent device has found a spot in the beauty hall of fame. Hollywood's ageless beauties like Jennifer Aniston and Margot Robbie too swear by Melanie Simon's little pocket device. We find out from the celebrity-beloved aesthetician herself about the benefits of copping the ZIIP.


Shriya Zamindar



Most skincare aficionados will already know what we’re about to tell you, that beyond products, technology advancements are providing the solution to decreasing facial appointments, extreme clinical procedures, and the clutter of bottles on your bathroom sink. Think of the latest technology that lifts, tones and sculpts any saggy patches on your face. That’s the power of the ZIIP nanocurrent device that is packaged in a pocket-size and is easy to use.

For years, the standard procedure amongst people wanting that glow for the next party or the next dinner was to keep trusted facialists on speed-dial to work some magic into their skin. While this was hardly a possibility last year, we are now navigating in and out of the IRL world, away from our screens. Still, there is much to consider when venturing out for a non-essential spa day. Hence, this tiny game-changing gadget is ideal as it provides a red carpet-worthy glow right at home.

What does it do?

The hero ingredient here is electric current. “As an esthetician who specialises in electrical currents, I searched for the most effective technologies to use on my clients over my 20-year career, and nothing comes close to nanocurrent for a long term, cumulative result,” says Simon. The gadget harnesses both the nanocurrent and microcurrent technology in a special ratio that stimulates the skin and facial muscles. The current creates ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) in the body which–in layman terms–helps the skin’s surface to produce more collagen and elastin that reduces wrinkles and fine lines, with added benefits like increase in cell turnover, and also eliminates texture. Call it beauty’s kryptonite. “It's like performing magic. This is why ZIIP has over 20 different waveforms, so I can give you all the benefits I have found from different nanocurrent and microcurrent waveforms,” explains Simon.

"I searched for the most effective technologies to use on my clients over my 20-year career, and nothing comes close to nanocurrent for a long term, cumulative result"

Where does it fit in your skincare routine?

For best results, Simon recommends using the device on clean, exfoliated skin. Friendly to all skin types, you can apply the conductive gel and use it in your preferred setting after cleansing. If you are up for a good “facial night” like Simon, use a hydrating mask and toner before using the device. Afterwards, cleanse your face and continue with the usual skincare routine. “I love, love, love, doing this one night a week,” says the ZIIP co-founder. You can also personalise your experience through an app that connects with the device through Bluetooth, tailoring your program to fit your needs.

Why buy the ZIIP?

The simple reason to adopt this travel-friendly gadget is for its utility. Don’t be intimidated by the price tag, it is several vampire facials shy of being a pocket drainer, and the benefits outweigh the costs in terms of time and money spent on achieving the same results. The beauty industry is quickly moving towards a future that sees less time spent on painstaking beauty ordeals and more on results in shorter time frames. A big lesson over the pandemic has also been seeking independence with our demanding beauty regimes, and the device hopes to keep clients feeling satisfied in whichever corner of the world they may retreat to. According to Statista, 2.73 million Americans go for facials more than four times within six months, replace that with the handy ZIIP and you get quality and value for money with its range of features in one buy.

"It's like performing magic. This is why ZIIP has over 20 different waveforms, so I can give you all the benefits I have found from different nanocurrent and microcurrent waveforms"

Melanie Simon’s road to building your own red carpet routine with ZIIP

Hollywood’s beloved esthetician recommends using the device every other night for one week leading up to the event. “The beauty of the ZIIP is that it offers several treatments on the app, so to really step it up, you can use more than one treatment each day (I make a cocktail of three to four),” she says. Switching up the treatments provides a greater impact and covers different concerns and also builds the skin’s tolerance. While she encourages exploring the different treatment plans, Simon’s preferred concoction would be to start with the Primer treatment, followed by Sculpt & Lift, and ending with the Vital Eyes program. Between alternating treatments, the process can start with the Primer program, followed by Instant Gratification, and ending with the Energize program. “You will be transformed in one week if you follow these steps,” promises Simon. In case you’re looking for an immediate pep-up, she recommends doing the four-minute Instant Gratification program, twice. “This is undoubtedly the celebrity make-up artists' favourite, and most used treatment before makeup application.”


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