Olivia Lopez defines her approach to styling

13 Jul '21

A quick glance through the Instagram feed of influencer Olivia Lopez and you'll immediately be struck by the multifaceted inspiration emanating from her content. Elevated fashion separates, iconic designs and flawless beauty dominate her style. Read on to discover the influencer's approach to styling all three.


Esme Royston

Curate objects that you love

"Your home is a representation of your personal style and a stylish home is one that not only looks good but also tells the story of who you are. When designing a space, I try to create an environment that coalesces pieces sourced from local vintage shops and travel mementos from around the globe, with timeless furniture. It’s best to avoid decor that seems trendy but doesn't have any personal significance as in the end those pieces lose their lustre because they never had any intrinsic value to you. Curating objects that are conscious and considered are always less likely to end up mired by buyer’s remorse."

Take your time

"Our homes are our refuge and a reflection of who we are, so we must resonate with it. It's easy to get caught up chasing design trends or rushing to finish a space, but remember, the best rooms can take months, years even, to get right. Sometimes there's an elusive missing element, and you don't know what you're looking for until you find it. Allow the alchemy of your space to happen organically. The best way to do this is by keeping an eye out across different platforms-- places like antique and vintage markets, websites such as 1stDibs or even keeping a look out during your travels can result in some of the best buys you'll ever find."

olivia lopez - pierre yovanovitch design

Le Coucou Méribel in the French Alps by Pierre Yovanovitch. Image: Olivia Lopez

Keep it natural

"Especially as we inch towards a post-pandemic world, I think it's important to find products that are as good for you as they are for the earth. Some of my favourite products are the ones that rely on a natural and clean ingredient list. The most exciting natural beauty products for me of late – considering my hectic schedule and the stress of the pandemic – have been ones that are perfect for self care like decadent body oils and bath salts."

Go for the glow

"Skincare and beauty for me starts and stops with dewy, glowing skin. This means staying hydrated, incorporating glow-inducing skincare products into my routine (my favourites are vitamin C serums and a great face mask), and having highlighters and strobelighters in my makeup bag. Getting the lit-from-within look means all three elements are essential and are part of my daily beauty routine."

"Curating objects that are conscious and considered are always less likely to end up mired by buyer's remorse."

Olivia Lopez - Clean Beauty Routine

Image: Olivia Lopez

Invest in versatile pieces

"As a frequent traveler, my biggest consideration when shopping is finding beautiful garments that can be worn season after season. Before I buy anything, I ask myself, will this piece be appropriate for several occasions? This means garments that have an element of timelessness and versatility while still being a representation of my personal style."

Experiment with statement jewellery

"Jewellery has the ability to transform a minimalistic outfit into an elevated one, and turn something that was originally casual into an occasion wear. Additionally, jewellery can really accentuate a woman's features. This means drawing attention to showcase the nape of your neck or an impressive new manicure by embracing statement jewellery. Every morning I make a ritual from considering bold yet practical pieces to accompany my outfit while getting ready."

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