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Carla Baz

Carla Baz, a Lebanese designer based in the UAE, creates unique lighting designs that combine form and function. Her work is distinguished by sculptural and ornate features, reflecting her passion for reviving the human touch in design.

Carla has been recognized with multiple design accolades, including the Maison & Objet Rising Talent Award in 2018 and the Boghossian Foundation Design Prize in Brussels in 2013.

After studying Interior Architecture at ESAG Penninghen in Paris and Product design for the Luxury Industry at the University of Art and Design Lausanne (ECAL), Carla gained valuable experience working alongside esteemed designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Zaha Hadid. 

She collaborates with skilled craftsmen at her eponymous studio in Beirut to produce modern designs using high-quality materials. Her studio's collaborative approach to design focuses on sharing knowledge and reimagining techniques to invigorate traditional crafts.

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Chapter Studio

In 2018, designer Shima Samaei founded Chapter, an independent design firm in Dubai dedicated to crafting contemporary pieces that embody the essence of life. The firm's distinct advantage lies in its ability to explore raw materials and textures and skillfully work with natural stones.    

Drawing inspiration from the cultural heritage of the Middle East, Chapter's designs are known for their structural complexity and multi-dimensional appeal. Every piece is crafted to evoke a range of emotions and to tell a meaningful story.

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David Valner

David Valner, hailing from the Czech Republic, specialises in creating original utility objects and art objects from glass processed in his renowned glass manufacturing studio, Valner Studio. Growing up amidst his father's glassmaking business, David possesses a thorough understanding of the medium and craft. 

Blurring the boundaries between creative expression and practicality, he pushes the limits of traditional craftsmanship and abstract forms to meticulously handcraft objects with contemporary aesthetics using time-honoured Czechian glassmaking techniques. Distinguished by sculptural forms, his creations are further enhanced by his signature style of employing a distinctive and expressive colour palette.  

Exhibiting the innate beauty of glass combined with an enduring artistic value, David’s creations ensure the integrity of tradition is upheld while crafting functional objects that resonate with modern tastes.

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Dooq, a design company from Portugal, honours the luxury of living through sensory-stimulating designs that merge opposites. They fearlessly strive for refinement and commitment, shattering the boundaries between art and design. 

The firm prioritises details and iconography research, seeking balance in contrasting elements like masculine/feminine, large/small, and soft/solid, bridging the past and present. Their designs achieve duality by fusing sensual materials like velvet, trimmings, straw, and glass with tougher materials like copper, marble, brass, and wood. 

Dooq combines the technological proficiency of a nation celebrated for its craftsmanship with boundless creativity, resulting in pieces that feature unfiltered aesthetics and purposeful existence.

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Estudio Persona

Emiliana Gonzalez and Jessie Young, both hailing from Uruguay, crossed paths in Los Angeles. United by their shared vision, their creative minds converged in 2015, culminating in the birth of Estudio Persona.

Exhibiting unconventional aesthetics, the designs crafted by Estudio Persona are characterised by bold lines with a minimalist approach. Infused with a profound appreciation for traditional craftsmanship, Emiliana and Jessie embark on collaborative ventures with local manufacturers.

In a bold pursuit of innovation, they skillfully handle natural materials in contrasting manners and fearlessly confront the constraints imposed by each material they engage with, constantly adapting their designs to overcome these challenges. Their unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries not only enhances their creative process but also manifests in the graceful lines and sculptural forms they craft.

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Established in 2014, Faina features an authentic collection of furniture, lighting, and décor. The brand mirrors the profound changes unfolding in the country while embracing and reinterpreting its rich cultural heritage through the lens of modern Ukrainian design. 

Victoria Yakusha, the founder of Faina, is a pioneering architect and global ambassador of Ukrainian design. As a heritage architect, Yakusha possesses a remarkable ability to create timeless ideas and objects that gain significance, value, and influence over time, shaping the cultural landscape for future generations.  

Faina incorporates Victoria’s distinct philosophy that merges simplicity with eco-consciousness, creating a harmonious connection between living spaces and materials that illuminate the beauty of nature.

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Our curated collection of ready-to-shop luxury furniture online, spanning design studios from Moscow to Melbourne offers a selective collection of pieces from seating and tables to lighting. Lending a fresh and modern approach to artisan home furniture while celebrating the foundations of historical design, both internationally and domestically, the luxury home furnishing collection has been thoughtfully selected to ensure that each piece will elevate its new space.

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The Bagnara family embarked on their journey of crafting household items during the early 20th century. In 1999, under the name B. Home Interiors, Giorgio Bagnara began creating exceptional leather goods (a legacy that would later be known as Giobagnara upon its renaming in 2014). 

With an extraordinary and practically boundless range of colours in exquisite leather and suede, each piece is meticulously handcrafted to uphold the highest standards. Traditional craftsmanship combined with cutting-edge technology is employed to craft tasteful and relevant creations.  

For almost two decades now, the brand has been producing one of the most extensive and unparalleled collections of leather home accessories available in the market. Along with the distinguished title of "the encyclopedia of luxury leather goods," Giobagnara has solidified its position as a leading authority in the industry.

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The perfect home is a representation of personal style – an amalgam of vintage pieces with jet-set tokens and modern design. Any room shouldn't be made up of just one style, one era, or one vision. It's meant to be an accumulation of intricately and consciously woven pieces that illustrates a story. This is why at the heart of the home curation you will find artisan home decor, luxury decor and handmade furniture with all three equally relevant and necessary components.

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Lighting is an inextricable part of day-to-day life and an irreplaceable component of developing a space. Our curation of collectible lighting explores the contemporary as well as the iconic vintage and whether placed in the corner of a living room or on the side table of a bedroom, each lamp elicits a different response and emotion.  

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Margarita Andrade and Goya Gallagher founded Malaika in 2004, inspired by their passion for design and expertise in embroidery, crochet, and intricate threadwork. They recognised the potential of Egyptian cotton to create luxurious bed linen that was previously unavailable in the local market. In addition to their signature bedding, Malaika currently offers a diverse range of products - including silkscreen-printed accessories, terrycloth bath towels, cushions, and embroidered table linen.

In 2009, Malaika established its factory, employing several skilled workers and gaining complete control over the quality and craftsmanship of its products. Concurrently, their self-funded embroidery school was founded in 2018, offering underprivileged Egyptian women and refugees the opportunity to master embroidery techniques and work from home. This approach allows Malaika to produce the finest quality Egyptian bed linen and homewares while simultaneously creating sustainable paths to economic independence for numerous women. Malaika believes that promoting entrepreneurship and responsible business practices is a more impactful form of empowerment than traditional aid.

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Marbera, a Paris-based interior design brand, pays homage to hidden treasures like marble and onyx. Designer Laura Torregrossa's vision is to elevate the beauty of stone and create functional, timeless objects that bring a sense of completion to any home. From coffee tables and end tables to stools, bedside tables, vases, and lamps, the Marbera collection offers a diverse range of exquisite pieces that showcase the individuality of each creation. 

To ensure the highest quality, Laura meticulously selects these materials from various locations worldwide. While marble remains her favourite due to its rarity and diversity, other stones continuously inspire her creations.

Marbera's factory in Italy houses a team of skilled and passionate craftsmen who combine age-old craftsmanship with advanced technologies to achieve the highest quality standards in furniture production. From design to manufacturing, attention is paid to every detail at every stage to ensure flawless functionality and uncompromising quality.

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From the traditional and contemporary to the avant-garde, explore nuanced silhouettes and materials through our luxury mirror collection. Reflecting unique sources of inspiration, each piece lends its own character and charm to coordinate with your decor. Utilising unexpected materials like carrara and guatmetala marble with bold fringing to illuminated brass silhouettes, our curation of luxury mirrors with their modern interpretations and displays are often more than they appear.

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Moda Piera

Founded by Michael Chazan in 2016, Moda Piera is an atelier based in Melbourne. The studio is dedicated to offering exceptional handmade lighting and furniture with a focus on value and sustainability.

Moda Piera draws inspiration from diverse modernist art and design movements spanning Australia, the Americas, Europe, Japan, and beyond. With a deep appreciation for refined simplicity and a profound respect for materiality, their designs embody a timeless beauty that withstands the test of time in terms of durability and aesthetics.  

The studio caters to a contemporary audience with a profound admiration for craftsmanship and design. The meticulously crafted products embody a perfect balance of functionality and elegant simplicity for everyday use. The collection comprises a thoughtfully curated range of lighting and furniture products, complemented by their bespoke service to meet personalised preferences.

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Nason Moretti

Nason Moretti is an esteemed Italian glassware brand with a rich heritage dating back to 1923, a time when Italian visual arts flourished. Founded in Murano, Venice, the brand has become synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance in the world of glassware. 

Inspired by Italian painter Giorgio Morandi and the enchanting "Arabian Nights", Nason Moretti creates iconic collections that blend tradition, innovation, and the beauty of Italian craftsmanship.  

Fusing traditional techniques with innovative design, Nason Moretti offers a diverse range of glassware products, including vases, bowls, tumblers, and stemware. Each piece is expertly handcrafted by skilled artisans, reflecting the brand’s unwavering dedication to exceptional quality and artistic expression.

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Our collection of decor incorporates one-of-a-kind items including handcrafted ceramics and hand embroidered cushions to luxury home accessories ranging from decadent tableware to artisanal candles. Each item of our modern contemporary home decor edit lends a sophistication and element of global charm to create an inviting and elevated living space.

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Pigment France, an esteemed luxury brand now under the Giobagnara group, excels in elevating the visual appeal of everyday objects. Their expertise lies in imparting a new level of luxury to tableware and appliances using a variety of natural materials such as straw, willow, rattan, and exquisite types of leather. 

The French heritage and detailed craftsmanship are evident in the timeless beauty, rich heritage, and distinct identity of their exceptional products. With a deep respect for the expertise of the artisans at the Pigment France workshop, Giobagnara is dedicated to preserving and further enhancing the immense potential of this lifestyle manufacturer on a global scale. 

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Royal Stranger

Sofia Pinho Santos, a Portuguese architect born in Porto, is the Co-Founder and Head Designer of Royal Stranger. Alongside architect Rui Moreira Santos, she established this distinguished architecture and interior design studio. Sofia's venture into designing exclusive furniture pieces started with the international debut of Royal Stranger in September 2017 at Maison et Objet in Paris.  

Dedicated to offering exceptional and one-of-a-kind design pieces, Royal Stranger harmoniously blends art and impeccable craftsmanship to bring forth the epitome of handmade art furniture. Passion, functionality, aesthetics, and expertise are the core values that define Royal Stranger. Every product represents these values and the essence of Royal Stranger's commitment to excellence.

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Luxury armchairs, stools, sofas and more converge within our curated seating selection, spanning design studios from Lisbon to Los Angeles. Our diverse range of luxury seating explores a multitude of styles, featuring forms from the avant-garde to modern contemporary, with each artisan chair design ready to elevate any room and fit any space.

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