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Estudio Persona

Emiliana Gonzalez and Jessie Young, both hailing from Uruguay, crossed paths in Los Angeles. United by their shared vision, their creative minds converged in 2015, culminating in the birth of Estudio Persona.

Exhibiting unconventional aesthetics, the designs crafted by Estudio Persona are characterised by bold lines with a minimalist approach. Infused with a profound appreciation for traditional craftsmanship, Emiliana and Jessie embark on collaborative ventures with local manufacturers.

In a bold pursuit of innovation, they skillfully handle natural materials in contrasting manners and fearlessly confront the constraints imposed by each material they engage with, constantly adapting their designs to overcome these challenges. Their unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries not only enhances their creative process but also manifests in the graceful lines and sculptural forms they craft.


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