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With a relentless pursuit of timeless authenticity in craftsmanship, an unwavering fascination with textiles and interiors, and a sincere dedication to cultivating an ethically conscious home, Kate Keenan, a Fine Arts graduate, created Kushaan in 2017. Kate established close collaborations with independent artisans from Uzbekistan. Initially sourcing exquisite weaves and tapestries for her personal use, she soon recognized their irresistible allure, prompting her to broaden her reach and expand her enterprise.  

Kushaan stands as a captivating haven for contemporary interior design with a mission to curate a selection of handcrafted fabrics and treasures, infusing them with a refined touch of modernity. Each piece exudes a delightful sense of timeless luxury and unparalleled uniqueness. Their commitment to authenticity and sustainability resonates through every creation crafted with an uncompromising passion.


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