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Marbera, a Paris-based interior design brand, pays homage to hidden treasures like marble and onyx. Designer Laura Torregrossa's vision is to elevate the beauty of stone and create functional, timeless objects that bring a sense of completion to any home. From coffee tables and end tables to stools, bedside tables, vases, and lamps, the Marbera collection offers a diverse range of exquisite pieces that showcase the individuality of each creation. 

To ensure the highest quality, Laura meticulously selects these materials from various locations worldwide. While marble remains her favourite due to its rarity and diversity, other stones continuously inspire her creations.

Marbera's factory in Italy houses a team of skilled and passionate craftsmen who combine age-old craftsmanship with advanced technologies to achieve the highest quality standards in furniture production. From design to manufacturing, attention is paid to every detail at every stage to ensure flawless functionality and uncompromising quality.


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