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Takeyoshi Mitsui

Born in Hiroshima and currently based in Toyama Prefecture, Japan, Takeyoshi Mitsui is a renowned glass artist. During his university years, he majored in crafts and discovered the intricacies of working with glass. Recognizing it as one of the most challenging and complex mediums, Mitsui pursued his interest further by securing a position at a prestigious glass studio in Toyama.   

Despite being colour blind, Mitsui Takeyoshi has turned his condition into an advantage in his artistic journey. His renowned "Silence" series was born out of his desire to explore colours and express his interpretation of each hue. This creative breakthrough paved the way for his independence as an artist in 2016.

Committed to his unique approach to colour usage and shape creation, Takeyoshi Mitsui showcases his mastery in the world of glass art. His artistic vision revolves around the concept of “creating a soft appearance from the hard glass”.


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