Our Story – 3, 2, 1

Rose Crosby was founded on two converging ideas – to integrate the three industries of luxury beauty, home and fashion on one platform, while championing sustainability. 

These two intrinsic tenets of Rose Crosby are facilitated through the unique paradigm of scouting international emerging brands with cult favourites. Our highly curated collection encourages exploration within the reliability of our own rigorous vetting process. 

Consumerism and sustainability shouldn't be mutually exclusive. We believe that global warming is one of the most pressing issues of our times, but we also know life is all about balance. Our mission is to supply you with a curation that facilitates the desire for both. 

Our Founders

Rose Crosby was founded by wife and husband duo, Lauren and Jay Kirloskar. With two divergent backgrounds – Lauren in merchandising and luxury fashion, Jay in startups and tech – their respective areas of expertise made a business partnership complimentary.

The United States-born, internationally-raised Lauren Kirloskar had a peripatetic upbringing, living in India, France and the United Kingdom at various stages of her life. This time and the experiences associated to it, particularly her formative years in India, left an indelible mark, fostering an acute knowledge and appreciation for global design talent. This initially lead her into the luxury fashion industry in India and fashion journalism in New York before ultimately pivoting to Rose Crosby.

India born and raised Jay Kirloskar established his career Stateside in technology consulting. His tech experience has since chartered a path of exciting opportunity in India and the United States as new markets and opportunities have evolved. Having developed a passion and astute knowledge for scaling businesses, a pivot into Rose Crosby was an organic one.

Essential to the Kirloskar’s vision (pronounced Keer-lo-skur – we know, it’s a tough one) was ensuring that Rose Crosby celebrated the talent behind the brands as much as the products themselves. In an era rife with cultural appropriation and a lack of representation, Rose Crosby aims to bridge that divide. This is why the website is shop-able not only by a brand’s name and the industry, but also by the country of origin. We want to celebrate diversity and give credit where credit is due.