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Central to the Rose Crosby curation is a focus on highly skilled specialty craftsmanship. Often stemming from the formidable knowledge of generations past, the craftsmanship is incomparable, illuminating the ethereal amalgamation of dedicated craftsmanship with noble materials.

Social Responsibility

Dedication to change is a pillar to the Rose Crosby identity. From championing overlooked and unseen communities to empowering those with fewer opportunities, this conviction is intrinsically linked to our mission. We believe that businesses should operate for a purpose beyond the traditional bottom line, and thus philanthropic endeavours lay at the heart of our company.


Operating from a place of honesty and accountability in every facet of Rose Crosby – from our partnerships to our clients – we try to maintain a level of transparency that instills within every encounter a foundation of trust.


Design has a complex and storied global tradition. We believe that central to the offering of a contemporary gallery is a curation that exemplifies that. Artistry is often passed down generation to generation, intrinsically linking craft and identity with communities. Championing the rich history of design starts and ends with a paradigm that not only includes, but prioritises, global curation.


Excellence happens in the last 5%. Tethering our core values to a commitment and dedication of service, communication, and community, we work diligently to establish an environment that reflects this through every discussion, transaction, and collaboration.